Is Apple sneaky, or just Evil?

We love our iPhones. We love our iPads. We love Apple. But does Apple love us back? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. We wrote not long ago about the frustration people have when they can’t get their phones repaired by their local phone repair shop. For us, it’s frustrating when we have to say: “Sorry, Apple won’t give us the […]

What? You have no right to repair your phone?

What do cars and mobile phones have in common? Yes, they are both machines. Yes, they are both mobile. Yes, puppets and people all want both cars and phones. But they have something else in common. They are both hard to repair. By “hard to repair”, I mean that you can’t. Oh sure, you can change your own oil. And […]

How to make your iPhone ZOOM!

People love speed. People hate delays. Did you know that puppets do, too? That’s why I’m going to give you some superpower tips to make your iPhone really zoom. You don’t have to do all these things, but the more you do, the faster your iPhone will zoom. Reboot your iPhone For the fastest results, reboot your iPhone. That might […]

Beware these 3 soggy iPhone myths

I am sure you’ve heard this advice before. You’ve probably even read it on the Internet. It goes like this: “If you drop your iPhone in water, drop it in rice right away.” The rice myth Phewy. That’s soggy advice for a soggy iPhone. Not only will it frequently not work, but it will often do more damage to your […]

Vendor Attempts to Destroy Our Reputation via Fake Reviews on Facebook

We all know the importance of online reviews to solidify the reputation of local brick and mortar businesses. For some business reviews are everything. To the onliners that no longer drive around and search for what they need, this can make or break a business. But what happens when unscrupulous individuals or companies use these platforms for malicious vendettas or as […]

Houston iPhone Screen Repair Accepts Bitcoin

Houston iPhone Screen Repair and its owner Jamee Weber are pleased to announce that they now accept Bitcoin as a Payment Option for all local and mail in customers. This news comes on the heels of a growing number of large retail companies such as WordPress,, Subway, Microsoft, NameCheap, Expedia, Whole Foods, Intuit, and many more beginning to accept […]

iPhone 7 with No Headphone Jack – Genius or Disaster?

In November of last year, rumors started spreading that the iPhone 7 would ship without a standard headphone jack. When those rumors first started swirling, most people dismissed them as completely absurd. But over time, more evidence continued to leak that Apple was going to debut an iPhone without a 3.5mm headphone port. And when Tim Cook got on stage […]

Pokemon Go Causing Chaos at Rio Olympics, Locally in Houston and Everywhere in Between

At the beginning of August, The Verge reported that a champion gymnast from Japan had racked up a $5,000 cellphone bill in Rio. This massive bill was due to roaming charges. Specifically, those roaming charges were linked to the gymnast using data to play Pokemon Go. Although the Japanese gymnast was able to get his bill reduced from $5,000 to […]

The Truth Behind Why AppleCare is a Waste (and How to Actually Protect Your Phone)

If you walk into the Apple Store at the Galleria or anywhere else in Houston and listen to what people are asking about, chances are it will only take a few minutes for AppleCare to come up. When people think of AppleCare, they often think of iPhone insurance. Unfortunately, that’s simply not correct! Even though many people believe that buying […]

The Screen Generation: Is You’re Smartphone Making You Go Blind?