As a freelancer, I have to stay in close contact with my clients. When I couldn’t type on my iPhone 4S because the crack on the screen was so bad from me dropping it, I knew I needed a fast solution. Even though this could have put me in a really bad situation, Jamee’s fast work saved the day. Within an hour of contacting her, I had my phone back in perfect shape. And because she worked so fast, I didn’t miss a single important phone call or email.

Tyler Banfield

I’m not ashamed to admit that I absolutely love my Android LG Optimus G. So when I picked it up after dropping it and realized the screen was cracked, I was not happy at all. Luckily, my frantic Googling led me to Jamee. Working with her couldn’t have been easier, and when she handed my phone back to me, it looked like nothing had ever happened. I really felt like I got a new phone for a fraction of its actual price.

Daphne Weber

Since I had just bought it two days earlier, I can’t even describe how distraught I was after dropping my iPad. I can’t remember what I said to Jamee when I called her, but I do remember her reassuring me that she would take care of everything for me. And I’m happy to report that the repair work she did completely lived up to her promise.

Bryan Turcios

To be honest, I was skeptical that anyone would be able to fix the huge crack across my iPhone 5 screen. But since my only other option was to pay $649 for a new one, I decided it was worth giving the repair route a shot. And let me say, that was the smartest decision I’ve made in awhile. Not only was my phone ready an hour after dropping it off, but Jamee’s repair saved me a ton of money!

Justin Garcia

Houston Iphone Screen Repair was the bomb! They fixed my iPhone 5 within an hour and I received it looking like new! I love you guys. Thanks again for everything!