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Google Glass Sucks: 6 Reasons Why, Plus the 5 Competitors That Want to Capitalize On Its Weaknesses

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If you were surprised by the title of this post, let me clarify that Google Glass is definitely a cool concept. And while there are plenty of good things that can be said about the initial version of this wearable technology, it’s far from being perfect. In fact, there are some major shortcomings of Glass. The biggest problems that actual users of the product have reported are:

Poor Battery Life

According to Google, Glass should last a full day without needing to be charged. But as more people have actually used this device, they’ve found that with normal usage like checking email and snapping pictures, Glass only lasts five hours. And for users who like shooting video, it’s easy to drain as much as 20% of the battery in less than 10 minutes. Worst of all, when the battery does die, it usually happens abruptly and without warning.

Potential Security Flaws

About a year ago, a security expert figured out a way to completely take over Glass. That’s right; with this exploit, an individual could take over a Glass user’s device and see everything they were doing. The exploit took less than a minute to run, and while Google has taken steps to beef up the device’s security, the fact that it still doesn’t require a PIN or password make it particularly vulnerable.

Uncomfortable Design

The whole point of wearable technology is it’s something that can enhance day-to-day life without ever getting in the way. Unfortunately, many people have reported that Glass starts to feel uncomfortable after being worn for just a few hours. While a few lucky users had their frames specially altered by Google, that’s not a widespread option. As a result, Google is going to need to come up with a more comfortable design if they ever want Glass to be adopted by the mainstream.

Lackluster Display

Although it hasn’t been as widely reported as other complaints, some users of Glass have been less than thrilled with its display. Instead of offering the bright colors people are used to with an OLED panel or modern LCD, reviewers have compared the display of Glass with an old-school, passive-matrix LCD that often has murky hues.

Messaging Issues

If you get a message while you’re wearing Google Glass, it will chime to let you know. While that sounds like a useful feature, the problem is you only get to see the first few lines of text. If you want to see more or browse through messages, it requires a bunch of taps. What’s worse, you can’t compose a full email on Glass. On top of that, since text messages can only be done through voice, it can create an awkward situation if you’re trying to discuss something private. And to add insult to injury, speech-to-text is often very buggy on the device.

Easy to Break

There are two reasons why multiple users have reported that Glass is too easy to break. The first is because of the design itself. The most susceptible part of the device is the thin strip of plastic on the right side. While this component has the very important role of housing the battery, it simply doesn’t offer the same durability as the rest of the titanium frame.

The other reason it’s quite easy to break this wearable device is because of the case that’s included with it. Instead of a strong reinforced case that can travel fine in a purse or other bag, Glass only comes with a pouch. And even though it does have some reinforcement on the bottom, it only provides protection to the glass prism and not the previously discussed weakest component of the device.

5 Promising Competitors That Want to Kick Google’s Glass

Since Google has yet to create the iPhone of the wearable world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are plenty of competitors who are ready to give the tech giant a run for their money. If you want to know which Glass competitors have hit the market or are planning to do so in the near future, here are five that showed real products at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas:

1. Lumus is an Israeli company that has been around for over a decade. Their credibility comes from having spent the last five years providing the US Air Force with optical systems that fit in their helmets. With their new DK40 device, they are offering a wearable to consumers that has a bigger screen than Glass and is operated through an Android app.

2. Although LAFORGE Optical is a fairly new company, it was founded by five people from RIT. They’re developing three sets of glasses. Known as Icis, these glasses use Bluetooth to display notification on prescription lenses. The beta version of the glasses were sold for $220.

3. The Vancouver company Recon Instruments isn’t focused on making a wearable device for the masses. Instead, their Recon Jet eyewear is specifically designed for athletes. What’s cool about these sunglasses is they’re able to pull in a ton of data like heart rate and altitude. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t Recon’s first rodeo. They previously sold 40,000 pairs of another model of smart goggles through a partnership with Oakley.

4. If you’re interested in the company that’s bringing the most innovative product to the table, iOptik is the winner of that prize. They actually have augmented reality contact lenses. The lenses are activated when worn in conjunction with special eyeglasses. This system actually has roots that go back to DARPA and the military.

5. With a basic version that costs $999 and a HD version that costs $5,999, Vuzix is definitely at the high-end of the market. But what makes them a compelling competitor is by putting a device directly in front of the eye, it’s easier to do tasks like translate a language or scan a barcode.

Because Google is far from being the only player in the wearables market, it will be interesting to see if these competitors put enough pressure on Google for the company to really up their game with the next generation of Glass!

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I'm the owner of Houston iPhone Screen Repair in The Woodlands TX.

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7 Reasons the iPhone 6 Was An Epic Fail

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Before there was Hairgate, there was Bendgate. Although Apple has built a reputation over the last decade of delivering the most innovative and polished products on the market, their release of the iPhone 6 has been a far cry from the high standards that people automatically think of when they think of Apple.


Not only has there been a big issue with the design of the 6, but there’s been a long list of problems with iOS 8. While it’s definitely much easier for the company to quickly fix software issues than it is to correct hardware problems, it still hurts their brand. Given that Apple’s release of the iPhone 6 Plus seems like a direct response to feeling threatened by larger phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, charging significantly more for a device that looks similar but has way more problems seems like about the worse strategy possible.

Since the Internet is already filled with plenty of people who will fight for or against Apple to the bitter end regardless of what reality may have to say, I want to dive right into the specific issues that have made this iPhone release such a disaster:



When Apple announced the release of the iPhone 6, they let the world know that in addition to a 5.4” x 2.64” device, they were also releasing a larger 6.22” x 3.06” iPhone known as the 6 Plus. Although it was obvious that Apple was trying to hop on the bandwagon of larger phones, it appears that their rigorous design and testing process missed something pretty major. Read More

Jamee Weber

I'm the owner of Houston iPhone Screen Repair in The Woodlands TX.

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iOS 7.1 or 7.1.1 Update: If One Of These iOS Updates Screwed Up Your iPhone 5S (or Other Model), We’ve Got Several Solutions!

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Although just about every iOS update has at least a couple of minor bugs, the iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 updates have caused some major problems for quite a few iPhone owners. While the iPhone 5S has been the model with the most problems from these updates, other models like the 4S have been impacted as well.

In terms of the specific problems these updates have caused, the four big ones are battery drain, WiFi not working, crashes & data loss, and Touch ID issues. If you have experienced any of these problems with your iPhone, keep reading to get more details on each issue, as well as what you can do to resolve it:

Battery Drain

A thread in Apple’s official support forum has spurred three pages of responses about battery drain issues since the 7.1.1 update. The original poster said he’s had to charge his iPhone 5S two to three times per day since he installed the update. Several subsequent posters said they were experiencing the same problem with their iPhones, as well as one poster who said the update was causing his iPad 4 battery to drain in no time.

If you’re experiencing this problem, the first thing to do is check out this post from It includes eight different steps for improving the battery life of your Apple device. If you go through those steps and are still experiencing significant battery drain, your best option is to fully back up your phone via iTunes or iCloud. Then once everything is backed up, do a full erase of all data and settings. Several people in the previously referenced thread about this problem said that the full erase solved the problem for their device.

WiFi Not Working

The next most common problem caused by the 7.1.1 update is an iOS device being unable to connect to WiFi. As several people explained in another official support thread, they’re experiencing one of two problems with their WiFi. Either the device won’t stay connected to a network, or it will keep rejecting the connection by saying the password is incorrect even though it’s not.


If you’re having this problem with your home WiFi connection, the first possible solution is to unplug your router and modem. Be sure you actually unplug the cords from the wall, and not just from the back of these devices. After letting them sit unplugged for a few minutes, plug the cords back in and see if this fixed your problem. If the problem persists, the next option is to click the lowercase i with a circle around it next to your network’s name on your iPhone, and then click the Forget this Network option. If that solution doesn’t work either, the other thing to try is the process discussed at the end of the last section of backing up your data and doing a full erase.

Crashes and Data Loss

Mirror Online reported that numerous iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S users experienced bricking or data loss after updating to 7.1.1. If this update caused you to lose any data, you may be able to restore it via an iTunes or iCloud backup. If you don’t have a backup with your most recent data, it’s probably going to be impossible to get back anything that was lost. The unfortunate truth is this is a rough way to be reminded that it’s always best to do a full backup before installing any update (even if it’s a minor one). And if you’re unable to turn your phone on at all, you’ll definitely want to get professional help with that problem.

Touch ID Issues


Although Apple said that improving Touch ID was one of the main goals of the 7.1 update, many users have reported that this update actually broke their Touch ID experience. If you’re in the same boat, iMore has published several steps to fix the problem. The two main steps outlined in their post are deleting all your prints from Touch ID and adding them again, and/or restoring your iPhone 5s from a backup. Also, if you haven’t updated to 7.1.1, several posters in this thread reported that solved their problem after experiencing multiple issues with Touch ID and 7.1.

If you’re experiencing any other problems with your iPhone 5S or other iPhone model, feel free to contact us so we can try to find a solution for you!

Jamee Weber

I'm the owner of Houston iPhone Screen Repair in The Woodlands TX.

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Top DIY iPhone Repair Myths Debunked

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A broken iPhone is something that no one wants to have to deal with…or pay to have fixed. They’re expensive enough to buy in the first place! Unfortunately iPhones can and do break sometimes.  Apple notoriously makes their products difficult for consumers to manipulate which can make you think that the only solution you have is to take the phone to Apple.


This in itself is a myth. However, the reality is that there are many mistakes people make when it comes to repairing their iPhone. And you may end up costing yourself a lot of money should you try to fix it DIY. 

If you own an iPhone, you should do your research when the phone breaks. That way you know your options and you can be sure that you are making smart choices regarding the repairs of your phone.

Some of the common myths that people tend to believe about Apple iPhones that can end up costing you big are as follows:

  • Water means the end of an iPhone. It is true that water is not good for a smart phone and Apple phones are notoriously bad when it comes to getting wet. Apple has installed many water sensors throughout the phones to ensure that the company does not end up paying to fix an iPhone that has gone bad because it got wet. However, just because your phone has some exposure to water does not mean that it should be written off or that you should need to get a new phone. has some tips for how you can fix a wet iPhone or a wet iPod.  You can also take your phone to professionals who may be able to help you to fix the phone in case it gets wet. While there is no guarantee that taking steps to save your wet phone will be successful, it is worth a try rather than having to spend a ton of money to buy a totally brand new iPhone. 
  • A dead battery means you need a new phone. As an article on Mother Jones pointed out, Apple has largely trained people to believe that they should just get a new device if the battery on their old one stops working.  While Apple does make it needlessly difficult to change the battery on the company’s devices, there is a way for people to do this process without help from Apple.Adventurous tech-savvy people could try this on their own although there are pitfalls. Professionals who handle cell phone repairs and who work on Apple products could also make it possible for you to change the battery on your iPhone once the old one stops working rather than having to go out and buy a brand new and costly device.
  • You must have repairs done by Apple.  With its closed ecosystem and insular environment, Apple has created an environment where users tend to believe that the company is the only one qualified to do repairs to an iPhone. The reality is that you do not need to have repairs of your devices done by Apple. There are other experienced, qualified and professional cell phone and tech repair companies out there that offer services to fix broken Apple products. In many cases, these other companies can provide faster and better quality service than Apple would offer.
  • iPhone repair has to be expensive, so you should just try it yourself to save money.  Because most Apple products tend to be costly to buy, it is natural to assume that there will also be a significant expense associated with the repair of a broken iPhone.  The reality is that while some repairs are more expensive than others, it is possible to get your device repaired without breaking the bank.This is especially true if you take your Apple iPhone to be repaired by tech professionals other than Apple.   Repairing the phone can cost significantly less than getting a brand new phone and you should end up being able to use your phone for a long time to come after a successful repair.Should you try and fix the phone yourself, in many cases you may end up causing more damage. This damage will end up costing you more in the long run than it will to get it repaired. 


These are some of the common myths associated with Apple iPhone repair.  You should be sure that you fully understand the options for repairs that are available to you before you make the choice to either buy a new smartphone or send your phone off to Apple to be fixed.

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I'm the owner of Houston iPhone Screen Repair in The Woodlands TX.

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6 iPhone Games That are Just as Addictive as Flappy Bird

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Back on February 5th, The Verge published an interview with Dong Nguyen. Nguyen was the sole developer behind the smash hit Flappy Bird. In the interview, the Vietnamese developer revealed that the deceptively simple but very challenging free game was making $50,000 a day from ads. Although the app had already been downloaded over fifty million times, it seems that this interview created even more of a flurry around the game.

That’s why people were shocked when just five days later, Nguyen made the decision to remove the game from the app store. While that event created even more of a flurry, and there is still lots of speculation about the real reason Nguyen pulled the game, his explanation was that it was simply too addictive to players. Additionally, it seems that all the attention added a lot of unwanted stress to the solo developer’s previously simple lifestyle.

So if you agree with Nguyen that the game was quite addictive, but actually find that to be a good trait in games, you’ll be happy to know that there are still quite a few really fun games that can fill the void of Flappy Bird being gone:



If you’re looking for a game that provides a very similar experience to Flappy Bird, this is the one you want to play. While you control a superhero instead of a bird and fly through crates instead of pipes, the game mechanics are very similar. In fact, there are plenty of players who say that this game is actually harder than Flappy Bird. Also, since it’s hit the top spot for free iOS apps, it’s safe to say that it’s quite popular. Here’s the: iPhone version and Android version

Fly Birdie


Wish you could have completely mastered Flappy Bird? Well, if you want to eliminate the frustration and play a game where you can enjoy a lot of success, be sure to check out this one. Your main goal is to control a bird and avoid hitting pipes. But what makes it much easier is the pipes are spaced out and you can crash three times before having to start over. Here’s the iPhone version

Shuriken Block


If you’re looking for an experience that is very similar to Flappy Bird, then your best bet is one of the previous two games. But if you’re looking for something different but still quite fun, the reason you may really enjoy this game is because it’s another one that Dong Nguyen created. In addition to the popular 8-bit retro style, this one probably won’t cause you to pull your hair out. Instead, you will have an easier time protecting the row of five little guys from throwing stars than you ever did trying to fly through pipes in Flappy Bird. Here’s the iPhone version

4 Pics 1 Word


Now that we’ve covered some direct replacements for Flappy Bird, as well as provided another option made directly by Nguyen, it’s time to look at some games that are completely different but still a whole lot of fun to play. First up is the puzzle game 4 Pics 1 Word. As you may have guessed from the title, it combines both pictures and words. After being shown four different pictures, you have to guess the single word that connects them all to each other. Here’s the iPhone version and Android version.



In this free game, you are given sixty seconds to connect as many dots of the same color as you can. Even though that sounds quite simple, it only takes a few rounds to get hooked. And if you want to crank up the competition even more, you can connect Facebook and/or Twitter to compete with your friends for the game’s high score. Here’s the iPhone version and Android version.

Minecraft (Pocket Edition)


All the games we’ve covered so far have been free to download and play. For many players, those are the only types of games they want to touch. However, if you happen to be someone who enjoys paid games for reasons such as not seeing ads, Minecraft is a whole lot of fun. For $6.99, you can download this game and start building your own world. A big part of why it’s so easy to get hooked on this game is because regardless of how long you play, you’ll always feel like there’s something new for you to do. Here’s the iPhone version and Android version.

Now that you know all of the other great games that are available, all you need to do is head to the app store on your iPhone or computer, and download a few to try out for yourself!

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I'm the owner of Houston iPhone Screen Repair in The Woodlands TX.

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How to Safeguard the Future of Your iPhone

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The iPhone is one of the most sought-after handheld devices in the world today. However, it’s still liable to physical damage. Even worse, it seems to draw malware developers and data thieves like gravity. So maybe all that surfing and app downloads that make it so popular create a deadly combination!


Most iPhone users don’t really think about all the personal information that they store in their smartphones, which leaves them vulnerable to any malicious people who lay their hands on these phones. This information is in the GPS data, map queries, browsing history, and even map queries. Without the proper safeguards in place, this data makes them a ‘sitting duck’. And if you’ve taken to managing your finances, paying bills, or shopping using the iPhone, the data sensitivity increases tenfold.

However, you can relax. You will have peace of mind about the future of your iPhone with a couple of security measures in place:

  1. Do not jailbreak your iPhone

Jailbreaking iPhones is a very popular habit, but a bad idea. It is never a good idea to go against Apple as far as the safety of their devices is concerned. Jailbroken software doesn’t always have integrity. You could download an application that is written with a backdoor and so end up giving the app creator full access and control to your device without your knowledge. You also lose any chance of receiving new iOS releases or major updates, not unless you don’t mind restoring the factory settings and then going through the whole jailbreaking process again.

  1. Get a good case

It is always great to have a protective case for your smartphone. There are several types of cases available in the market. Get the type designed for an iPhone. Some of those that most users regard the best of the best include:

Otterbox Defender: This casing is comprised of hard polycarbonate, a soft silicone bumper, and a screen protector. It comes with a price tag of $40-$50 and it sets the standard as a comprehensive protector.

Otterbox Commuter: This is a great choice if you are looking for a tough, reliable, and low cost casing. It costs $35.

Twelve South BookBook: This $60 casing is both attractive and highly functional.

Case-Mate Tough Cases: Case Mate provides a wide array of quality cases for various iPhone models, as well as android smartphones.

Magpul Field Case: This is the lowest priced reliable casing in the market. You can get it for as little as $15.

  1. Enable the auto-lock feature

Enabling your iPhone’s auto-lock is a simple and effective way of preventing people from messing around with anything that rings the bell “private” on your device – which is literally everything. The screen lock is your first line of defense, especially if whoever has your device is a petty thief with no clue about using sophisticated technologies to switch it off.

You configure this feature via the general icon under settings. The menu has an auto lock button and you should enable a passcode lock and set the time before the phone locks.

  1. Avoid using Wi-Fi for your sensitive data

Sometimes people rely too much on Wi-Fi for their heavy Internet browsing. While this is terrific because data usage stays low and communications speed up, beware the free Wi-Fi hotspots. Whatever information you send across the Wi-Fi network lacks anonymity and getting hacked is as easy as pie. Therefore, do not do any financial or banking tacking until you are absolutely certain the network is trusted or you have carrier coverage.

  1. Know how to track your iPhone

If your phone is broken, you can always take it to a repair shop for fixing. However, if it gets lost and you do not have a way of tracking it, then you may be in big trouble. No need then to mention how much it will save you to be able to track it down.

There are a number of effective tracking methods available. The iCloud feature on your iPhone can be great help. In order to switch it on, go to settings and then select iCloud. Search for the Find My iPhone option and ensure it is turned on. This feature will help track it down whenever it is connected to the Internet. You can also install a third party tracking system, which of course you have to pay for. Your mobile service provider could also come in handy.

  1. Do not install any apps without first checking the permission requests

Smartphone users often overlook the application access request for permission agreements before installing apps. They then fail to read valuable information on how the apps access their devices when given specific permissions. Be careful with your apps. Be sure of what they purport to do, and be even more sure of what they actually do. Chances are that no alarm clock app will require access to your personal information or the Internet to work!

Jamee Weber

I'm the owner of Houston iPhone Screen Repair in The Woodlands TX.

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Your Future Self Will Thank You for Protecting Your SmartPhone Today

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Although I’m always happy to fix a broken iPhone or Android screen, I know how frustrating it is to have a damaged phone for even a short amount of time. Because no one wants to be stuck with a phone that’s not working properly, I put together this guide in the hopes that it will make it easier for you to keep your cellphone safe:

Get a Great Case

What makes a great iPhone case? One of the main factors is it needs to provide full protection for your device. Since there are so many different cases on the market, I want to highlight the five that are commonly regarded as the best of the best:

  • Otterbox Defender: With its combination of a soft silicone bumper, hard polycarbonate and screen protector, the $40-$50 Defender sets the standard for comprehensive protection. 
  • Case-Mate Tough Cases: Case-Mate makes a wide range of Tough cases. In addition to its iPhone models, there are also options available for many Android phones. 
  • Otterbox Commuter: If you want great protection without a hefty price tag, this $35 case is a great choice.
  • Twelve South BookBook: Looking for a case that’s just as attractive as it is functional? Then the $60 BookBook is probably for you.
  • Magpul Field Case: For reliable protection at the absolute lowest price around, you can’t beat what this case offers for under $15. 

Know How to Find Your Phone If It’s Lost or Stolen


If your screen is damaged, the worst case scenario is you can bring it in to me and I will be able to fix it for you. That will save you from needing to buy a new phone. But if your phone is lost or stolen and you don’t have a way to track it, you’re going to be out of luck.

That’s why if you have an iPhone, it’s so important to go into Settings, then iCloud. Once you’re there, check to make sure the Find My iPhone option is turned on. And if you’re using an Android, go into the Android Device Manager and ensure that the Remotely Locate This Device option is turned on.

Turn On Your Passcode

The simplest but most effective way to discourage other people from messing with your phone and potentially damaging it is to turn on a passcode.

Protect Your Screen from Damage

If the case you choose doesn’t have its own screen protector, it’s definitely worth picking up a invisishield screen protector and adding it to your phone.

Pay Attention to What’s in Your Pockets and Purse

Keys and coins are just two examples of the types of items that can damage your phone if they’re in the same pocket or part of your purse. Before sliding your cellphone into any storage areas, be sure there’s nothing that’s going to scratch them.

Although these are all fairly simple tips, if you put all of them into practice, it will significantly decrease the likelihood of your phone being damaged!

Jamee Weber

I'm the owner of Houston iPhone Screen Repair in The Woodlands TX.

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10 iPhone Apps That Will Improve Your Life

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If you’re an iPhone user, you probably already know that the App Store is full of hundreds of thousands of apps. While a large percentage are virtually worthless and an even bigger percentage are all about entertainment, there are also some truly incredible apps available for the iPhone. To see just how much your favorite smartphone can do for your life, let’s look at ten awesome apps and how they can improve your:


Don’t worry, we’re not talking about an app that’s going to reprogram the way you think. Instead, we’re talking about how keeping a journal can positively influence the way you view what you’ve accomplished and where you want to go in life. While you can keep a journal with just a pen and paper, the main problem most people face is sticking to consistently journaling. Day One solves that problem by making it easy to set an alarm for whenever you want to journal next. Although it does cost $4.99, thanks to the alarm feature and many others, thousands of users agree that it’s worth every dime.


Jerry Seinfeld once told an interviewer that the way he improved as a comedian was by writing jokes every single day. Since writing new jokes isn’t an easy task, he motivated himself by using a large calendar to track his consistency. For each day he wrote, he’d put a large red X on that date. After just a few days, this tracking created a chain on the calendar that he didn’t want to break. The Streaks app puts the same functionality in your pocket. For $1.99, you can motivate yourself by easily tracking one or more daily goals.


Although the iPhone already has a calendar app, many people feel that it’s lacking. That’s why Fantastical is such a popular app. Not only can you add an event by quickly tapping the day when it’s happening, but you can also add events by speaking to your iPhone. And thanks to the app’s great interface, you won’t ever overlook an important event.


Few things are worse than not being able to fall asleep at night. Not only does it mean you’re stuck staring at the ceiling and wishing you could just drift off, but it also takes a toll on your productivity the next day. And if this happens often, it can cause problems like running down your immune system. Although some people may need professional help, Relax Melodies might be all you need. This free app helps you wind down and peacefully drift off by playing peaceful sounds like rain falling.


Paying attention to your daily caloric intake is the best way to lose weight. My Fitness Pal makes that easy to do by providing a convenient way to log what you eat each day. Whenever you eat, just log that meal into this free app and it will take care of all the calculating and tracking for you.


Waking up even ten minutes late can throw off your entire schedule. If you’re tired of being late for work or school, you need Wake N Shake. For just $1.99, this app will force you to get up on time in the morning by blasting sound until you shake your phone enough to turn the alarm off. And since it’s the “merciless alarm clock,” there’s definitely not a snooze feature!


Most to-do apps simply provide a way to track what you need to get done. What makes CARROT special is it’s not afraid to call you out for being a slacker. When you don’t get something done on time, this $1.99 app will start chiding you until you complete it.


The iPhone is a great device for taking notes. The only problem is it can be difficult to keep a large number of notes organized. Fortunately, Drafts can help. In addition to acting as a central hub, this $2.99 app makes it easy to connect other services like Evernote that you may use.


If you want to improve your memory, have deeper concentration and enjoy stronger problem solving skills, you need to try Fit Brains Trainer. Even though games are a big part of this free app, the games are specifically designed to stimulate and train your brain.


While the iPhone’s standard camera app does pretty well, touch exposure, shooting modes, digital zoom and front flash are just a few of the awesome features Camera+ has. That’s why over ten million people have bought this $1.99 app.

Whether you ultimately download one app from this list or all ten to your iPhone, you’ll find that each one you use has a positive impact on your daily routine!

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I'm the owner of Houston iPhone Screen Repair in The Woodlands TX.

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