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We rely on Apple Watches for everything now. Calls, messaging, fitness, and even tracking our health can all be done from our watches. But wearing them everywhere comes with a greater chance of potential damage or issues with your watch. As a trusted Barker, Texas Apple Watch repair company—we've seen a variety of hardware issues with Apple Watches.

Designed for convenience and ease of wear, the Apple Watch is more prone to accidents and hazards when worn constantly. You may be dealing with a broken screen, water damage, back housing or cover issues, and more. Maybe some of these hardware issues sound familiar to you:

Common Apple Watch Repair Needs

As a trusted Barker, Texas iPhone Repair Service Company, we see a lot of different issues with iPhones. Despite their incredible design and simplicity of use, they still are prone to common issues. Here are the four most common iPhone problems we fix:

  • Screen popped out or cracked: Although Apple Watch screens are made to be resistant to impact, the unexpected can always happen. If you didn't guess by our name, we specialize in screens! Bring in your Apple Watch today and we'll have your screen repaired in no time!
  • Poor battery function: Whether it's a charging issue or battery malfunction, instead of replacing your Apple Watch, bring it into our shop and allow us to assess the damage for repairs.
  • Water damage: If you've noticed corrosion, discoloration or moisture under the screen—chances are your watch is suffering from water damage. There's still hope! Contact us today for Apple Watch repair in Barker, Texas.

Trusted Apple Watch Repair

We know accidents happen. Don’t replace it - repair It! Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will give you the support and repairs you need. Whether it’s a broken screen or a battery problem, we’re here to diagnose and repair your Apple watch fast! Contact us now for same-day repair.

iPhone Screen Repair

Our most popular service is our iPhone screen repair. From the original to the new iPhone 13 family, if it’s got a cracked screen, we can fix it! Don’t suffer through trying to make your fingers dance over your screen’s cracks for one more second! Let us get your iPhone looking brand new with a same-day repair.

Fix your device today.

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