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6 iPhone Games That are Just as Addictive as Flappy Bird

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Back on February 5th, The Verge published an interview with Dong Nguyen. Nguyen was the sole developer behind the smash hit Flappy Bird. In the interview, the Vietnamese developer revealed that the deceptively simple but very challenging free game was making $50,000 a day from ads. Although the app had already been downloaded over fifty million times, it seems that this interview created even more of a flurry around the game.

That’s why people were shocked when just five days later, Nguyen made the decision to remove the game from the app store. While that event created even more of a flurry, and there is still lots of speculation about the real reason Nguyen pulled the game, his explanation was that it was simply too addictive to players. Additionally, it seems that all the attention added a lot of unwanted stress to the solo developer’s previously simple lifestyle.

So if you agree with Nguyen that the game was quite addictive, but actually find that to be a good trait in games, you’ll be happy to know that there are still quite a few really fun games that can fill the void of Flappy Bird being gone:



If you’re looking for a game that provides a very similar experience to Flappy Bird, this is the one you want to play. While you control a superhero instead of a bird and fly through crates instead of pipes, the game mechanics are very similar. In fact, there are plenty of players who say that this game is actually harder than Flappy Bird. Also, since it’s hit the top spot for free iOS apps, it’s safe to say that it’s quite popular. Here’s the: iPhone version and Android version

Fly Birdie


Wish you could have completely mastered Flappy Bird? Well, if you want to eliminate the frustration and play a game where you can enjoy a lot of success, be sure to check out this one. Your main goal is to control a bird and avoid hitting pipes. But what makes it much easier is the pipes are spaced out and you can crash three times before having to start over. Here’s the iPhone version

Shuriken Block


If you’re looking for an experience that is very similar to Flappy Bird, then your best bet is one of the previous two games. But if you’re looking for something different but still quite fun, the reason you may really enjoy this game is because it’s another one that Dong Nguyen created. In addition to the popular 8-bit retro style, this one probably won’t cause you to pull your hair out. Instead, you will have an easier time protecting the row of five little guys from throwing stars than you ever did trying to fly through pipes in Flappy Bird. Here’s the iPhone version

4 Pics 1 Word


Now that we’ve covered some direct replacements for Flappy Bird, as well as provided another option made directly by Nguyen, it’s time to look at some games that are completely different but still a whole lot of fun to play. First up is the puzzle game 4 Pics 1 Word. As you may have guessed from the title, it combines both pictures and words. After being shown four different pictures, you have to guess the single word that connects them all to each other. Here’s the iPhone version and Android version.



In this free game, you are given sixty seconds to connect as many dots of the same color as you can. Even though that sounds quite simple, it only takes a few rounds to get hooked. And if you want to crank up the competition even more, you can connect Facebook and/or Twitter to compete with your friends for the game’s high score. Here’s the iPhone version and Android version.

Minecraft (Pocket Edition)


All the games we’ve covered so far have been free to download and play. For many players, those are the only types of games they want to touch. However, if you happen to be someone who enjoys paid games for reasons such as not seeing ads, Minecraft is a whole lot of fun. For $6.99, you can download this game and start building your own world. A big part of why it’s so easy to get hooked on this game is because regardless of how long you play, you’ll always feel like there’s something new for you to do. Here’s the iPhone version and Android version.

Now that you know all of the other great games that are available, all you need to do is head to the app store on your iPhone or computer, and download a few to try out for yourself!

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10 iPhone Apps That Will Improve Your Life

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If you’re an iPhone user, you probably already know that the App Store is full of hundreds of thousands of apps. While a large percentage are virtually worthless and an even bigger percentage are all about entertainment, there are also some truly incredible apps available for the iPhone. To see just how much your favorite smartphone can do for your life, let’s look at ten awesome apps and how they can improve your:


Don’t worry, we’re not talking about an app that’s going to reprogram the way you think. Instead, we’re talking about how keeping a journal can positively influence the way you view what you’ve accomplished and where you want to go in life. While you can keep a journal with just a pen and paper, the main problem most people face is sticking to consistently journaling. Day One solves that problem by making it easy to set an alarm for whenever you want to journal next. Although it does cost $4.99, thanks to the alarm feature and many others, thousands of users agree that it’s worth every dime.


Jerry Seinfeld once told an interviewer that the way he improved as a comedian was by writing jokes every single day. Since writing new jokes isn’t an easy task, he motivated himself by using a large calendar to track his consistency. For each day he wrote, he’d put a large red X on that date. After just a few days, this tracking created a chain on the calendar that he didn’t want to break. The Streaks app puts the same functionality in your pocket. For $1.99, you can motivate yourself by easily tracking one or more daily goals.


Although the iPhone already has a calendar app, many people feel that it’s lacking. That’s why Fantastical is such a popular app. Not only can you add an event by quickly tapping the day when it’s happening, but you can also add events by speaking to your iPhone. And thanks to the app’s great interface, you won’t ever overlook an important event.


Few things are worse than not being able to fall asleep at night. Not only does it mean you’re stuck staring at the ceiling and wishing you could just drift off, but it also takes a toll on your productivity the next day. And if this happens often, it can cause problems like running down your immune system. Although some people may need professional help, Relax Melodies might be all you need. This free app helps you wind down and peacefully drift off by playing peaceful sounds like rain falling.


Paying attention to your daily caloric intake is the best way to lose weight. My Fitness Pal makes that easy to do by providing a convenient way to log what you eat each day. Whenever you eat, just log that meal into this free app and it will take care of all the calculating and tracking for you.


Waking up even ten minutes late can throw off your entire schedule. If you’re tired of being late for work or school, you need Wake N Shake. For just $1.99, this app will force you to get up on time in the morning by blasting sound until you shake your phone enough to turn the alarm off. And since it’s the “merciless alarm clock,” there’s definitely not a snooze feature!


Most to-do apps simply provide a way to track what you need to get done. What makes CARROT special is it’s not afraid to call you out for being a slacker. When you don’t get something done on time, this $1.99 app will start chiding you until you complete it.


The iPhone is a great device for taking notes. The only problem is it can be difficult to keep a large number of notes organized. Fortunately, Drafts can help. In addition to acting as a central hub, this $2.99 app makes it easy to connect other services like Evernote that you may use.


If you want to improve your memory, have deeper concentration and enjoy stronger problem solving skills, you need to try Fit Brains Trainer. Even though games are a big part of this free app, the games are specifically designed to stimulate and train your brain.


While the iPhone’s standard camera app does pretty well, touch exposure, shooting modes, digital zoom and front flash are just a few of the awesome features Camera+ has. That’s why over ten million people have bought this $1.99 app.

Whether you ultimately download one app from this list or all ten to your iPhone, you’ll find that each one you use has a positive impact on your daily routine!

Jamee Weber

I'm the owner of Houston iPhone Screen Repair in The Woodlands TX.

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